Sufango – the little black pug

“The story of this little black pug is loosely based on her real-life experiences.
I’d wish that the moral of the story reaches all those who enjoy the pages of the book.”
Sally Petersen
Sufango Book
32-page children’s’ book
with illustrations by Julian Bale
$17.50 (free postage)

Sufango Puzzle
96 Piece jigsaw puzzle
$12.95 (free postage)

Sufango Audio/Visual Story Book on CD
Narrated by Aunty Penny and Grandmama Magda
$17.95 (free postage)

A3 Print (Limited Edition)
signed by the artist,
Julian Bale
$25 (free postage)

Drink Coasters
choice of nine
$7 each (free postage)


Post Cards
pack of ten
$9.50 (free postage)
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