Sufango - The Little Black Pug

Before the young, eight-month-old puppy came to live in Northwest Tasmania, she’d already had four previous owners, and many other names. The skinny, under-nourished little pup needed a new start and a new name. 

This nutty, little doggy had already displayed all the traits of an energetic dynamo, so her new name had to reflect her true character, yet it needed to be comical and cute.

Keeping in mind the Pug breed originated in China, and after some serious thought, a long-legged Asian athlete was the final inspiration behind her name. ‘Sufango’. 

Sufango took to her name straight away so, it was time for some serious training. Without breaking her happy-go-lucky spirit, we did have a lot of bad habits to address.

Sufango Hits the Bigtime

 Sufango looked stunning dressed in a red sequenced tutu and matching harness for her book launch party, and her first official celebrity engagement. 

Sufango's legendary off-lead 'meet n greet' skills on Main Street. Her cameo visits at the Sheffield Veterinary Clinic and her dramatic overnight performance at the Devonport Dog Pound made her the perfect celebrity guest to launch the inaugural 'Dogs on the Catwalk' event on the last day of Sheffield's 2019 Mural Fest.

'Scratch that' 

Although a non-competitor at the Dogs on the Catwalk event, Sufango's final gesture of grandeur came when she was taking her final curtain-call stroll in front of the guest judge. When, without missing a beat, she stopped to do a poo.

After her moment of doggy glory, she topped off her poo-formance and entertained the crowd with a good ol' double-time scratch up. However, she was reluctant to discuss her scratching techniques with the ABC.